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Emma Lindahl

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Doctoral student



About me

I am reseraching the area for sustainable and circular transformation within the production industry. With a stand point taken in corporation's management, I am searching for sucess factors, hinders and enablers organisations need to consider in order to effectively drive business forward in a sustainable manner. Results from my studies adds to the present knowledge area of sustainable industry and society transformation.

I participate in the reserach project Leda Grönt

I have participated in te research project of Sustainability assessment of Produktion2030 Projects


Maintenance Economy for Sustainable Production (ML1608), teacher | Course web

Mechanical Engineering, Introduction Course (ML1110), assistant | Course web

Sustainable Development in Industry (ML2304), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Sustainable Production (ML2300), teacher | Course web

Sustainable Transport Systems (ML111U), teacher | Course web

Profile picture of Emma Lindahl


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