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Mojtaba Eshghie

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About me

Master's/Bachelor Students

Name Project Subject Degree Level Year Industrial
Viktor Åryd Smart Contract Test Suite Generation Master's 2023 -
Erik Cruz An Initial Investigation of Automatic Program Repair for Solidity Smart Contracts with Large Language Models Master's 2023 -
Siwei Zhang Trace Visualization of Distributed and Centralized Applications Master's 2023


Fredrik Svanholm Implementation and Evaluation of a Decentralized Fund Protocol Master's 2023 Centiglobe
Mikael Jafari Unveiling the Oracle Data Lifecycle and Attacks Master's 2023 Handelsbanken

Filip Jacobson,

Gustav Andersson Kasche

Tracing of Second-Life Computer Components using Smart Contracts on the Algorand Blockchain Bachelor's 2022 -

We have bachelor's/master's degree project topics available. Do not hesitate to get in touch with me for an update on that if you are interested.


  Event Date
university of Copenhagen Visiting Thomas Troels Hildebrandt with Cyrille Artho to continue working on our effort for capturing high-level design of smart contracts using DCR graphs. 10 March 2023 Based on my previous experience in our side-project on blockchain infrastructure for circular supply chains, I will attend ReCiPSS Day at KTH campus to get to know experiences and learnings from the implementation of the ReCiPSS project.
16 Nov 2022
STEW Conference This year's STEW is an interesting one with speakers from Oracle, Spotify, Volvo, and Benoit Baudry from CASTOR. It will be a unique opportunity to see how my research in software security can be transferred to the software industry in the near to mid term future.
15 Nov 2022
universal token forest Launching our new product as a co-founder: Universal Token Forest 25 Oct 2022
dcr graphs I will be visiting Chalmers for a few weeks for a collaboration to investigate usage of DCR graphs in modeling and verification of smart contracts. I will work with Wolfgang Ahrendt and Gerardo Schneider from Chalmers and Thomas Troels Hildebrandt from University of Copenhagen. 20 Sep 2022


My Background

I am a PhD student at the Theoretical Computer Science division of KTH Royal Institute of Technology. My current research is focused on Monitoring Smart Contracts using state-of-the-art static and dynamic techniques. I am working under the supervision of Cyrille Arthoand Dilian Gurov. The final goal of my thesis is to utilize technologies such as Static Analysis along with AI and Dynamic Analysis to build a framework to monitor and detect vulnerabilities in smart contracts with precision.

In 2019, I was awarded a master's degree in Information Technology Engineering from the University of Tehran after successfully performing research in two fields ofInternet of Things and Network Monitoring. The latter project was conducted in Telecom Paristech LINCS laboratory.


EASE 2021:Dynamic Vulnerability Detection on Smart Contracts Using Machine Learning

In this work, we propose Dynamit, a monitoring framework to detect reentrancy vulnerabilities in Ethereum smart contracts. The novelty of our framework is that it relies only on transaction metadata and balance data from the blockchain system; our approach requires no domain knowledge, code instrumentation, or special execution environment. Dynamit extracts features from transaction data and uses a random forest model to classify transactions as benign or harmful. Therefore, not only can we find the contracts that are vulnerable to reentrancy attacks, but we also get an execution trace that reproduces the attack. Using a random forest classifier, our model achieved more than 90 percent accuracy on 105 transactions, showing the potential of our technique.

Contributions to finding bugs/vulnerabilities

A potential vulnerability reported to SWCRegistry:
The details of this issue can be seen in the following commit:

Detector-candidate reported to Slither project:

In the Solidity compiler project:

One ambiguous feature:

Supervisor of Degree Projects

As a doctoral student at KTH I can be your master's thesis supervisor. You will have the opportunity to be part of a bigger project and gain research experience from being involved in an interesting area of cyber-security. If you are a master's student in Sweden and would like to work on the intersection of Deep Learning, Security, and Blockchain feel free to contact me by email.

Conferences/Events I Helped With

4th International Workshop on Formal Methods for Blockchains, supporting reviewer


Computer Security (DD2395), assistant | Course web

Internet Programming (DD1386), assistant | Course web

Network Programming (ID1212), assistant | Course web

Programmable Society (DD2485), assistant | Course web

Software Engineering Fundamentals (DD2480), assistant | Course web

Software Safety and Security (DD2460), assistant | Course web