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Matthew Fielden

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I currently hold a position as "föreståndare" (director and/or manager) at the school of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health (CBH), sharing my time equally between managing Greenhouse Labs business incubator, and the planned multi-user lab for preparation and analysis of materials and molecules at interfaces (2MiLAB).

I came to Sweden for a post-doc in 1996 after completing my PhD in colloid and interface science / mineral processing at the University of South Australia. I have held several positions in academia, research institutes and industry during the years, including sales, marketing, application support, research and product development with a particular focus on scientific instruments. My scientific background is in surface and colloid science, with a focus on AFM and other techniques to measure normal and frictional forces between surfaces, and topography of materials after surface treatment. I have also held a post-doc position in organic chemistry, preparing new surfactants for gene therapy.

Until March 2018 I was responsible for the atomic force microscopy (AFM) lab in the Nanofabrication facility at AlbaNova, which is the best equipped AFM lab in Sweden. I shared responsibility for administration of the Nanolab, including introduction of new users, safety related issues, invoicing, website and general information. I contribute to the efforts of the group in developing dynamic AFM techniques. The main focus is on Intermodulation - a multifrequency method that elegantly captures both stored and dissipated energy and force versus distance in tip-sample interactions at each image pixel.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in 2MiLAB and/or Greenhouse Labs! I am also happy to discuss AFM-related questions.


Molecules and materials at interfaces (FKD3420), teacher | Course web

Nanostructured Materials (KD2170), assistant | Course web

Surfaces, Colloids and Soft Matter (KD2350), assistant | Course web