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Till KTH:s startsida Till KTH:s startsida

Curriculum Vitae

CV for the Docent Application 2018


Master's Degree

  •     Year: 1988
  •     University: Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE), Hungary
  •     Discipline: Electrical engineering
  •     Subject area: Telecommunications

Doctoral Exam

  •     Title: Doctor of Philosophy
  •     Year of exam: 1998
  •     Discipline: telecommunications, teletraffic theory
  •     Title of thesis: Flow Level Performance Analysis of Multi-service Systems
                              Supporting Elastic and Adaptive Services
  •     Visiting researcher at the Royal Institue of Technology (KTH), 1994
  •     Visiting researcher at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), 1997

Postdoctoral work and present position

  •    Ericsson Research, Network and Systems Dept. (1998-2002), researcher
  •    Ericsson Research, Wireless Access Networks Dept. (2002-2016), senior specialist
  •    Ericsson Research, Radio Dept. (2017-), master researcher
  •    Royal Institute of Technology (2012-2017), visiting researcher
  •  Royal Institute of Technology (2017-), adjunct professor

Recent projects

  • HARALD (Hardware Aware Resource Allocation and Signal Provessing Techniques), ACCESS grant, 1 MSEK, main project leader: G. Fodor  
  • METIS (Mobile and Wireless Communications Enablers for the 2020 Information Society), European Union FP7, 15 MEuro, Ericsson delegate
  • BUSE (Beyond User in the Loop: User in the Service), Wireless@KTH, 0.5 MSEK, main project leader: G. Fodor
  • Matthew (Massive MIMO in mmWave Bands), Swedish Strategic Foundation, SSF, 1.3 MSEK, main project leader: G. Fodor

Membership and professional activities

  • IEEE senior member since 2008
  • TPC Chair for the IEEE Broadband Wireless Access Workshop series 2008-2010
  • Steering Committee member for the IEEE Broadband Wireless Access Workshop series 2011-2014
  • International Journal of Communication Systems (WILEY), Assoc. Editor 2010-2011
  • Regular reviewer for various IEEE COMSOC journals and magazines
  • 100+ pending and granted US and EU patent applications
  • Docent application pending (2018)