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Membership in Ph.D. Grading Committees and Opponent Roles

I was reviewer and participated in the Grading Committee of the following Ph.D. defenses:

  • "Mobility and Opportunistic Resource Allocation in Wireless Multimedia Networks",Vladimir Vukadinovic, KTH, 2010, ISBN 978-91-7415-628-7
  • "Performance Engineering of Mobile Broadband - Capacity Analysis, Cellular Network Optimization, and Design of In-Building Solutions",
    Lei Chen, Linköping U, 2013, ISBN 978-91-7519-675-6
  • "Towrads Energy Aware Wireless Network Operation: Algorithms For Load Aware Network Topology Control", Emmanuel Pollakis, Technical University of Berlin, 2017. link
  • " Delay and Throughput Bounds for the Design of Next Generation Wire- less Systems", Rahul Devassy, Chalmers U, Sweden, 2019. link
  • "Decentralized Coordination Methods for Beam Alignment and Resource Allocation in 5G Wireless Networks", Flavio Maschietti, Sorbonne Universite, 2019. flavio_phd_cover.pdf
  • "Spatial Resource Allocation in Massive MIMO Communications: From Cellular to Cell-Free", Trinh Van Chien,  Linköping University, 2020. protokoll_scan_emibj-29-_2020-01.pdf

I was Opponent at the following licentiate thesis defense:

  • "Resource Allocation for Max-Min Fairness in Multicell Massive MIMO",
    Trinh Van Chien, Linköping University, Thesis No. 1797, 2018, ISBN 978-91-7685-387-0 DiVA

I was Opponent at the following Ph.D. thesis defenses:

  • " Network Optimization of Evolving Mobile Systems with Presence of Interference Coupling ",
    Lei You, Uppsala Uiversity, 978-91-513-0726-8 (ISBN) , Diva
  • "Channel Equalization and Mobility Management Methods in New Generation Mobil Systems", Adam Knapp, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, 2020. knapp_committee.pdf



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