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Henrik Shah Gholian

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I am a mathematics professor with a keen interest in various realms encompassing both pure and applied mathematics. My research pursuits span a wide spectrum, including potential theory (focusing on quadrature domains and inverse problems), homogenization, Internal DLA (discrete potential theory), scattering theory, Euler flows with stagnation, free boundary problems (particularly regularity theory), geometric configurations, and rigidity for overdetermined problems. At present, my primary research focus revolves around constraint maps.

Additionally, I have crafted several master-level courses, including Applied and Industrial Mathematics, Mathematical Theory of Option Pricing, Mathematical Modeling in Sustainability, and Free Boundary Problems in Applications.


Advanced Real Analysis II (SF2744), examiner | Course web

Mathematics for Economists (SF1627), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Sustainable development and research methodology in mathematics (SA2001), teacher | Course web

Topics in Mathematics IV (SF2724), examiner | Course web

Profile picture of Henrik Shah Gholian


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