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Johan Högström

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My research is concerned with the conditions for spatial planning to support a shift towards sustainable development. More specifically, the research is focused on how planning practice can use available planning instruments as a means to facilitate sustainability. In particular, my studies explore the interplay between different planning levels and analyze the organizational, processual and knowledge-related challenges associated with contemporary practices in expansive urban regions. This includes examining and advancing new forms of cooperation between involved actors in planning processes.

Currently, I am working in three research projects.

SPEAK - Sustainable Planning and Environmental Assessment Knowledge - funded by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

SÖDERTÖRNSMODELLEN - funded by Vinnova. The project aims to develop new innovative solutions for sustainable urban development by promoting actor cooperation, specifically focusing on shaping and advancing tools for sustainability assessment and public participation.

ISSUE – Integrating Sustainable Strategies in Urban Environments, funded by Formas. ISSUE explores concepts related to sustainable urban development and brings together actors from academia, private business and the public sector in order to develop strategies and methods as to improve the built environment.  

Finally, I am working part time as a coordinator at the KTH Centre for a Sustainable Built Environment. The aim of this centre is to facilitate more effective and valuable research collaborations in-between KTH departments as well as with external actors.


Environmental Impact Assessment (AE2501), teacher | Course web

Strategic Environmental Assessment (AE2507), teacher | Course web

Sustainable Planning and Design (AG2150), teacher | Course web

Profile picture of Johan Högström