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Ingrid Johansson

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About me

I have a background in Engineering Mathematics from Lund University, Faculty of Engineering. My PhD studies were conducted at KTH and I performed simulation studies to improve various efficiency aspects of both road and rail traffic. I obtained my PhD degree in Transport Science in 2021 and have since stayed at KTH as a postdoc at the Division of Transport Planning. Since 2022, I am an affiliated researcher of KTH Climate Action Centre.

My broader research aim is to contribute to a transport system that is not only more reliable, robust, and resilient, but also sustainable. During my PhD studies, I became interested in rail transport systems. My main research focus is on the planning and operations of railway traffic, for example how railway transport can be analysed and improved through simulation studies and capacity analysis.


Railway Traffic - Market and Planning, Basic Course (AH2026), teacher | Course web

Profile picture of Ingrid Johansson


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