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Gender equality

At KTH, female faculty constitute some 29, 23, and 16 percent of the assistant, associate and full professors, respectively (2018).
In industry, monthly female engineer salaries are 2-3 000 SEK below those of their male colleagues.
These, and further examples, indicate that substantial gender equality work remains to be done. Some initiatives that I have taken:

• Seminars on and examination of gender aspects of the professional role as engineer, in the course ED1100 Engineering Science. The students also discuss gender issues relating to the Nobel Prize and its laureates during a visit to the Nobel Museum. The course is compulsory for the Master of Science in Engineering and in Education (Civilingenjör och Lärare) program.

• Initiative to design the third year compulsory course ME2084 Organizational Analysis
  and Professional Roles
, where theories in organization and gender are introduced, discussed
  and examined.