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Novel structure for textbooks and nonfiction

Nonfiction and academic textbooks are still written in a similar style as in the 17th century, whereas the readers’ demands have evolved. It is, in my view, not acceptable to come to the point after some 100 pages of introduction. Or not to explain, in the introduction, the main novelties and conclusions of the book. Or not to describe how it is structured for efficient reading. As readers, our time is worth a better fate. 

I have suggested a novel format for nonfiction and academic text books, which I have termed ”readability oriented structure” (LäsbarhetsOrienterad Struktur; LOS). See
  • Vårt föråldrade skrivsätt – an explanation of LOS in my blog in Forskning & Framsteg
  • VEKTORANALYS – the first textbook written in LOS style; on Liber publishing
    house (co-author: Lorenzo Frassinetti, KTH).
    On this page for VEKTORANALYS you will also find
    * Errata
    * Hints for exercises
    * Full solution of exercises
    * Appendix with important applications in electromagnetic theory 

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