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Joel Kronborg

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About me

I do simulations of the blood flow in the human heart. When heart surgeons make decisions about how to treat their patients, the information they base those decisions on is often limited. It's not always obvious how heart surgery will affect the blood flow in the heart of a patient, and making the wrong decision can have critical consequences.

What we want to achieve with our simulations is to provide more and better information to the heart surgeons, to help them make better decisions on how to treat their patients. For example, for a patient with a heart valve that doesn't close properly we will be able to simulate how the blood flow changes if the valve leaflets are clipped together with a MitraClip™.

Main focus: Patient specific simulation of blood flow in the left ventricle of the human heart: adaptive finite element methods, efficient algorithms and data assimilation.

Ph.D. supervisors:
Johan Hoffman
Niclas Jansson


Methods in Scientific Computing (DD2363), assistant | Course web

Profile picture of Joel Kronborg