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Publications by Jagruti Ramsing Thakur

Peer reviewed


Khalid, M., Thakur, J., Mothilal Bhagavathy, S. & Topel, M. (2024). Impact of public and residential smart EV charging on distribution power grid equipped with storage. Sustainable cities and society, 104.
Mansuino, M., Thakur, J. & Lakshmi, A. (2024). Turning the wheel : Measuring circularity in Swedish automotive products. Sustainable Production and Consumption, 45, 139-157.
Harrucksteiner, A., Thakur, J., Franke, K. & Sensfuss, F. (2023). A geospatial assessment of the techno-economic wind and solar potential of Mongolia. Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments, 55, 102889.
Marques, L., da Silva, H. B., Thakur, J., Uturbey, W. & Thakur, P. (2023). Categorizing shared photovoltaic business models in renewable markets : An approach based on CANVAS and transaction costs. Energy Reports, 10, 1602-1617.
Thakur, J., Hesamzadeh, M. R., Date, P. & Bunn, D. (2023). Pricing and hedging wind power prediction risk with binary option contracts. Energy Economics, 126, 106960.
Kumar, S., Thakur, J., Cunha, J. M., Gardumi, F., Kok, A., Lisboa, A. & Martin, V. (2023). Techno-economic optimization of the industrial excess heat recovery for an industrial park with high spatial and temporal resolution. Energy Conversion and Management, 287, 117109.
Ghosh, N., Mothilal Bhagavathy, S. & Thakur, J. (2022). Accelerating electric vehicle adoption : techno-economic assessment to modify existing fuel stations with fast charging infrastructure. Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, 24(10), 3033-3046.
da Silva, H. B., Thakur, J., Uturbe, W. & Martin, V. (2022). Analysis of Residential Rooftop Photovoltaic Systems Diffusion in India through a Bass Model Approach. JOURNAL OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF ENERGY WATER AND ENVIRONMENT SYSTEMS-JSDEWES, 10(4).
Thakur, J., Baskar, A. G. & de Almeida, C. M. L. (2022). Electric vehicle batteries for a circular economy : Second life batteries as residential stationary storage. Journal of Cleaner Production, 375.
Colarullo, L. & Thakur, J. (2022). Second-life EV batteries for stationary storage applications in Local Energy Communities. Renewable & sustainable energy reviews, 169.
Kumar, S., Thakur, J. & Gardumi, F. (2022). Techno-economic modelling and optimisation of excess heat and cold recovery for industries : A review. Renewable & sustainable energy reviews, 168.
Meha, D., Thakur, J., Novosel, T., Puksec, T. & Duic, N. (2021). A novel spatial?temporal space heating and hot water demand method for expansion analysis of district heating systems. Energy Conversion and Management, 234.
Utama, C., Troitzsch, S. & Thakur, J. (2021). Demand-side flexibility and demand-side bidding for flexible loads in air-conditioned buildings. Applied Energy, 285.
Abid, H., Thakur, J., Khatiwada, D. & Bauner, D. (2021). Energy storage integration with solar PV for increased electricity access: A case study of Burkina Faso. Energy, 230(120656), 120656.
Elberry, A. M., Thakur, J., Santasalo-Aarnio, A. & Larmi, M. (2021). Large-scale compressed hydrogen storage as part of renewable electricity storage systems. International journal of hydrogen energy, 46(29), 15671-15690.

Conference papers

Agrawal, T. K., Angelis, J., Thakur, J., Wiktorsson, M., Kalaiarasan, R. (2021). Enabling circularity of electric vehicle batteries-the need for appropriate traceability. In 2021 IEEE International Conference on Technology Management, Operations and Decisions, ICTMOD 2021. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).
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