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Publications by Kateryna Pereverza



K. Pereverza, O. Pasichnyi and O. Kordas, "Modular participatory backcasting : A unifying framework for strategic planning in the heating sector," Energy Policy, vol. 124, pp. 123-134, 2019.
M. Zivkovic et al., "Exploring scenarios for more sustainable heating : The case of Nis, Serbia," Energy, vol. 115, pp. 1758-1770, 2016.
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K. Pereverza and O. Kordas, "Sustainability through stakeholder learning : Participatory backcasting for the heating sector," in 10th BIWAES Biennial International Workshop Advances in Energy Studies : Energy futures, environment and well-being, 2017.

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K. Pereverza et al., "Insights from participatory backcasting for a sustainable heating sector in Niš, Serbia," in 7th International Sustainability Transitions Conference, 6-9 September 2016. Wuppertal, Germany., 2016.

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K. K. Mulder et al., "being scared is not enough! motivators for education for sustainable development," in Sustainability Assessment Tools in Higher Education Institutions: Mapping Trends and Good Practices Around the World, : Springer Berlin/Heidelberg, 2013, pp. 29-45.


K. Pereverza, "Steering sustainability transitions? Modular participatory backcasting for strategic planning in the heating and cooling sector," Doctoral thesis Stockholm : KTH Royal Institute of Technology, TRITA-ABE-DLT, 198, 2019.
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