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Winter school 2023

6-10 February 2023 // Albanova, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden

Winter school / workshop "Methods and processes of modern high-resolution X-ray spectroscopy"

coverDo you want to learn the basics of modern X-ray spectroscopic techniques and even dive deeper into more advanced theoretical aspects of these methods? That is what you can achieve in this five-days winter school / workshop covering discussion of various methods and process of modern high-resolution X-ray spectroscopy also including the latest developments in this field. These topics will be covered by a PhD lecture course "Basic of X-ray physics and spectroscopy" during the morning sessions followed by advanced lectures in the afternoon. We invite for participation PhD students, postdocs, young and experienced researchers (experimental or theoretical background) who are interested to go deeper in the field or to enter this dynamic field from a scratch! Registration is free of charge and allows on-site and on-line participation.



  • List of the PhD course lectures (morning sessions*)
  1. Basic concept of X-ray spectroscopy: interaction picture, Fermi Golden rule and applications

  2. Time dependent representation: wave packet and Green's function methods

  3. X-ray photoelectron (XPS) and absorption (NEXAFS, EXAFS, ARPIS) spectroscopies

  4. Resonant X-ray scattering: RIXS and RAS

  5. Nuclear dynamics in resonant X-ray scattering

* Given by Prof. Faris Gelmukhanov and Dr. Victor Kimberg (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)

  • List of the advanced lectures (afternoon sessions)
  1. Mon, 6/2. Dr. Vinicius Vaz da Cruz (HZB-Berlin, Germany) "The TD-DFT route to solution-phase X-ray spectroscopy"

  2. Tue, 7/2. Prof. Sonia Coriani (DTU, Denmark) "Correlated methods for local and ultrafast processes, also involving the electronic continuum. From X-ray absorption to resonant Auger-Meitner"

  3. Wed, 8/2. Prof. Vincenzo Carravetta (IPCF CNR, Piza, Italy) "History and modern developments of computational photoelectron spectroscopy"

  4. Thu, 9/2. Prof. Stephane Carniato (Sorbonne Université, Paris, France) "Double core-hole spectroscopies: Introduction to adapted theoretical approaches"

  5. Fri, 10/2. Dr. Nanna List (KTH, Sweden) "In silico probing of photo-induced molecular processes using X-rays"

Practical information for PhD students

  • Prerequisites: Basic knowledge and courses in Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Chemistry and Molecular Modeling are helpful, as well as some basic experience with computer simulations
  • Credit points:

    • This winter school involves approximately 50 study hours and we recommend that 2.0 ECTS credits are awarded for students that pass the course

    • PhD students attending on-site all lectures and delivering all recommended assignment are eligible to receive a certificate of participation and recommended credits

    • Deadline for the assignments submission is one week after the winter school, February 17th, 2023

  • Intended learning outcomes. After a successful course completion, you will be able to:
    • explain the general principles of different kinds of X-ray spectroscopy

    • apply both time-dependent and -independent approaches in spectroscopic analysis

    • apply a wave packet-based approach for the time dependent solution of the Schrödinger equation for free propagation and harmonic potential

    • derive the Fermi-Golden rule and the rates of absorption, photoionization, emission and Auger processes

    • extract structural information from the X-ray ionization and absorption spectroscopy

    • build a theoretical model for resonant X-ray Raman and Auger scattering that takes into account both electronic and nuclear degrees of freedom

  • Examiner: Prof. F. Gelmukhanov


AlbaNova University Center, Albanovägen 29, 11419 Stockholm, Sweden

The winter school will be hosted by AlbaNova University Center. The room is located in Nova building (house 3) behind the main AlbaNova building (see map). The address is Albanovägen 29, 11419 Stockholm, floor 4, room 4204.


Let us know if you'll be attending! Registration is free of charge and allows on-site and on-line participation. The registration deadline for on-site participation is January 20th, 2023.

Organizers and contact

  • Organizers: Nanna List, Faris Gelmukhanov, and Victor Kimberg @ KTH Royal Institute of Technology, CBH school, Department of Chemistry, Malvinas v. 10, 11428 Stockholm
  • Contact: for any further enquiries please contact Victor Kimberg via email 
  • Financial support: the event is funded via the framework of STINT Mobility grant for Internationalisation Programme, project No. MG2021-9085


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