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Kateryna Morozovska

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My research is mainly focused on application of Dynamic Rating to power system components for integration of renewable energy to the grid. 

The sustainable energy generation and efficient usage of materials are important for the development of modern society. Increasing share of renewable power generation units brings additional challenges for planning of power network, together with the challenges come new, more effective ways of utilization of power devices. In the traditional grids power transmission components are selected in order to satisfy high reliability criteria, with less consideration about efficient utilization of those components. In other words, power transmission components are mostly overrated in order to ensure high safety and availability of the system even under extreme conditions. Extreme conditions are mainly associated with extreme weather, such as high ambient temperatures and little to no wind, since the surrounding weather plays important role in the heat balance of power components.

The capacity of power devices is mostly highly dependent on the heat transfer properties of the materials, which the devices are made of. To ensure correct power limits of the equipment, one must take into consideration not only the power load, but also ambient conditions, such as: temperature, wind speed, wind direction, solar irradiation, humidity, pressure, radiation into the atmosphere and magnetic losses. Dynamic Rating (DR) is a method of unlocking the capacity of power components using available information on weather conditions.

Dynamic rating is created as an alternative to standard constant rating that is designed with reference to extreme weather and load conditions. Some areas are more likely than others to experience extreme weather conditions, which have a chance of occurring only a few days per year for short periods of time. Such a distribution of weather parameters gives an opportunity to embed existing material properties of the power equipment and achieve a better utilization of the grid.

This project targets improving usage of power transformers and power lines by implementing dynamic rating. The main focus of the project is on exploring potential ways to connect power generated from wind to the grid with the help of dynamic rating technologies. Therefore, great focus of the work lies on the analysis of DR connection of variable energy sources such as wind farms.

Currently my mork has main focus on transformer studies, where different transformers are tested for potential dynamic rating implementatin. Also I run the experimental studies where I try to analyze the aging impact of overheating on transformer insulation. Also I work on a number of projects that involve grid planning for dynamic rating. 


I have completed Bachelors and Masters in Electrical mechanics from the Zaporizhzhya National Technical University in Ukraine December 2013. In September 2013 I started European Energy Masters programm with mobility in Denmark Technical University, TU Delft and Norwegian University of Science and Technology. I have started a PhD project on Dynamic Rating at KTH in September 2015. I have obtained Licentiate from KTH in 2019 and PhD also from KTH in 2020 Topic: "Dynamic rating for applications in renewable energy"


Individual Project in Electric Power and Energy systems I (EN2911), course responsible | Course web

Reliability Evaluation of Electrical Power Systems (EI2452), assistant | Course web