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Nicole Kringos

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Niki is Professor in Highway Engineering at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, where she also leads the Road2Science Competence Center. With a background in structural and solid mechanics, for many years Niki’s research group focus has been on developing computational and multi-scale models to enable long term performance predictions of asphaltic roads. Through her work with Road2Science, in recent years, developing views on how to address the complexity of the transportation infrastructure sector to enable the sustainable integration of technical advances has become an added research line. Niki has received many research grants over the years, e.g  grant on Self Healing of Asphalt from the Swedish Research Council, grants for a national agenda and innovation program GIMI and InfrasSweden2030 from Vinnova (Sweden’s Innovation Agency) and from H2020 on Feasibility of dynamic charging of electrical vehicles. She is a member of several international pre-standard setting committees (eg RILEM TCs), is on the editorial board of several international journals (eg. Road Materials and Pavement Design, Taylor and Francis) and gives frequently inspirational lectures, such as for TEDx ( ) or Women in Tech.

Watch the KTH Open Lecture to hear in more detail what her research group is working on:

Learn more about the KTH Road2Science Center:

Selected recent articles:

·       M.N Abouraja, N. Rouky, M. Kornevs,   S. Meijer and N.Kringos. A simulation-based decision support framework devoted to Ro-Ro terminals: Design, implementation and evaluation, Computers & Industrial Engineering. April 2023,

-      M.N Abouraja, N. Kringos and S. Meijer. Proposal of a module-driven architecture for building simulation models devoted to container terminals: dilemmas in applying generic, flexible, and modular principles, J. Simulation. Jan 2023,

-       Z. Liu, R. Balieu, N. Kringos, Integrating sustainability into pavement maintenance effectiveness evaluation: A systematic review, Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 104 (2022) 103187.

·      L. Lövqvist. R. Balieu. N. Kringos. A micromechanical model of freeze-thaw damage in asphalt mixtures. International Journal of Pavement Engineering.

·      Khan. A., P. Redelius, N.Kringos. Toward a new experimental method for measuring coalescence in bitumen emulsions: A study of two bitumen droplets.Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects. Volume 494, 5 April 2016, Pages 228-240

·      Chen, F., N. Taylor, N.Kringos. Electrification of roads: Opportunities and challenges.Applied Energy. Volume 150, 15 July 2015, Pp 109-119

·      Chen F, Balieu R and Kringos N, Potential Influences on Long-Term Service Performance of Road Infrastructure by Automated Vehicles, 2016,Transportation Research Record, ISSN , E-ISSN , nr 2550, 72-79

·      Balieu R and Kringos N, A new thermodynamical framework for finite strain multiplicative elastoplasticity coupled to anisotropic damage, 2015,International journal of plasticity, ISSN , Vol. 70, 126-150

·      Chen F, Taylor N, Kringos N and Birgisson B, A study on dielectric response of bitumen in the low-frequency range, 2015,Journal on Road Materials and Pavement Design, ISSN , Vol. 16, 153-169

·      Zhu J and Kringos N, Towards the development of a viscoelastic model for phase separation in polymer-modified bitumen, 2015, International Journal on Road Materials and Pavement Design, ISSN , E-ISSN , Vol. 16, nr S1, 39-49


Degree Project in Highway Engineering, Second Cycle (AF293X), examiner | Course web

Introduction to Asphalt Chemistry (FAH3904), examiner | Course web

Road- and Railway Track Engineering (AF2901), examiner | Course web

Road- and Railway Track Engineering, advanced course (AF2905), examiner | Course web

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