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Lilly Engfeldt

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I work as an HR administrator at the HR unit at the EECS school (Computer Science and Electrical Engineering). I am the responsible HR contact person for NSE department (Network & Systems Engineering) with around 65+ employees. I support the department and the employees on a daily basis with all kinds of questions in the HR area. In addition to this, my duties consist, among other things, of the fact that I am also responsible for the administration and the contracts for several of the school's hourly employees, students that are hourly employees, the school's side jobs and the school's exam invigilators.

Before I started working with HR at KTH, I worked as a recruiter and consultant manager at two different recruitment and staffing companies. I am an educated Human Resource (HR) and behavioral scientist. I have a double bachelor's degree in Labor Science (specializing in labor law) and Sociology (specializing in social psychology) at Karlstad university and Uppsala university. I am very passionate about children's rights, volunteered in Chennai, India during fall 2015.

The HR unit's main task is to support the school's managers and employees in the human resources area in a qualified and proactive manner in order to have an attractive workplace with a pleasant working environment. It includes recruitment, employment and dismissal as well as gender equality, working environment and environmental issues. The unit also supports managers and employees in HR matters such as salary information, absence reporting, hourly employment, scholarships, insurance and pension issues. For more information and questions, contact me or:

Profile picture of Lilly Engfeldt