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Degrees and positions
1990 Fil.kand (Bachelors degree) in mathematics at Göteborg University.
1996 PhD in mathematics at KTH, Adviser: Anders Bj\"orner.
1996 Postdoc at Univ of Bordeaux (6 months)
1996/1997 Postdoc at MSRI, Berkeley CA, USA
1997-2000, Forskarassistent (postdoc) at Stockholm University.
2000 Docent at Stockholm University
2000-2005 Professor (tenured, full professor) of applied mathematics at Linköping University
2006 - Professor (tenured, full professor) of mathematics at KTH.

University and Community Service

- Member of skolkollegiet at school of science SCI 2022-2023
- Member of nominating committee for new rektor at KTH, 2021-2022
- Vice head of a division at the math department, 2017- 2022
- Member of fakultetskollegiet, KTH 2015–2019
- Head of Mathematics panel at Swedish Research Council (beredningsgruppen för matematik på VR), 2015-2017
- Director of Stockholm Mathematics Center, april 2013- 2015
- Vice chair of Math Department, Jan 2012- March 2013
- Member of the central employment committee of KTH (2007-2015) (Anställningsutskottet)
- Member of board for Stockholm Mathematics Center 2010-2011.
- Head of committee for forming the structure of a center of mathematics joint with Stockholm University and KTH 2009.
- Member of committee on forming the future career paths at KTH 2009

Current workshops and conferences
- Cochair of program committe for FPSAC 2022 in Bangalore, India.
- Organizer of program at Institut MIttag-Leffler Spring 2020.

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