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Massoud Behboudian

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About me

Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Department of Sustainable Development, Environmental Science and Engineering (SEED), KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Research Interests:

 Water Resources Systems Management

 Game Theory's Application in Water Systems

 Hydrological Ecosystem Services' Resilience Assessment

 Applications of RS/GIS and data fusion modeling in Environmental and Water Systems

 Hierarchical Group Decision-Making Methods

I am a postdoc researcher in water resources and environmental management and engineering. I have worked on projects related to Climate Change impact assessment, Hydrological modeling, Water Allocation modeling, Simulation-Optimization modeling, Hydrological Ecosystem Services assessment, Extreme events analysis, Group decision-making analysis, Game Theory, Hierarchical Decision-maker's Structure, Water and Environmental Carrying Capacity (WECC) analysis. I have also worked on my Ph.D. and MSs thesis under the supervision of Professor Reza Kerachian at the University of Tehran, Iran. Now, I am working under the direct supervision of Doctor @Zahra Kalantari.


Applied Hydrogeology (AL2301), teacher | Course web