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Till KTH:s startsida Till KTH:s startsida

Research Projects

1. Determination of precise geoid for Iran based on the Stokes-Helmert scheme and its accuracy, Report 2003, National Cartographic Centre of Iran (NCC), TOTAK project, 2003, Iran.

2. Studying Moho Topography and Its Density Contrast by GOCE, (2011-2012), a research project supported by Swedish National Space Board (Rymdstyrelsen), Project no. 76/10:1.

3. Modeling the Earth’s crust by combining GOCE, terrestrial gravity and seismic data (2013-2014), a research project supported by Swedish National Space Board (Rymdstyrelsen).

4. Deformation network design of man-made constructions, (2013-2014), a research project supported by Formas.

5. Climate change detection by taking advantage of a future satellite mission: GRACE Follow-On supported by KTH space center (2017).

6. Spatial Data Innovation a research project supported by  The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket) (2018-2021). This project intends to increase the knowledge of other small and medium-sized companies within the Gävleborg region regarding the possibilities of 3D digitization and using cost-effective positioning approaches (surveying, positioning, and visualization)

7. Improvement in 3D mapping and accuracy assessment using aerial photogrammetry data supported by Lars E. Lunbderg’s foundation (2018-2020).

8. Cost-effective data capturing using satellite images for subsidence monitoring in urban regions supported by SWECO and J. Gust. Richert foundation (2019-2020).

9. “Stomnät i luften (Project Adapted Network-RTK for road construction projects)” supported by Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) (2019-2022).