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Maria Soledad Chino Mamani

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Doktorand Stipendiat


About me

I am PhD student researching the catalytic production of chemical products and fuels from biomass. Biomass is a renewable resource that has the potential to replace fossil feedstocks in many areas.

My research aims at using ethanol as a feedstock for the production of acetaldehyde. The latter can serve as a platform chemical to produce a variety of chemical products such as pharmaceutical intermediates. The synthesis of acetaldehyde through dehydrogenation of ethanol at the industrial scale requires integrated catalytic processes to achieve high efficiency, high selectivity and robustness.

I have chosen the sustainable process engineering to contribute to the global challenges that our society is facing. I have experience in energy technology and process engineering: I started this path with petrochemical processes and catalyst assessment. Later, I was involved in the renewable energy sector taking part in the commissioning of a lithium recovery plant in Bolivia. Also, I had the opportunity to join the research team of Biogas purification and liquefaction processes highly implicated with the energy transition in France. 

I have a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from Bolivia and a Master degree in Polymer and Processes from the Institut français du pétrole.