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Nima Mirzaei

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About me

I did my bachelor studies in chemical engineering at Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. I moved to Sweden for my master studies in 2018. For my thesis, I worked on the modelling of a process for the production of biofuels via olefin oligomerization starting from the biomass, with my main focus being on the design of the reactor units.

I started my PhD at KTH in the Division of  Process Technology in March 2021. My PhD studies concerns the absorption of CO2 in aqueous K2CO3. in presence of promoters. More specifically, I try to characterize the mass transfer of CO2 into the solvents and the chemistry of the solvents. Additionally, I am a teacher assistant for Transport Phenomena, Adv. Course (KE2070) and serve as a student representative in CBH PhD student council (2023).

I enjoy perfecting my (vegetarian) pizza-making skills. I like playing video games in my free time (CK3 forever), going to heavy metal concerts, and trying new beers (current favourite: blonde ale). In bandy, I support Edsbyns IF; in football, my local team is AIK, all time favorite is Liverpool!


Transport Phenomena (KE1170), assistant | Course web

Transport Phenomena, Advanced Course (KE2070), assistant | Course web

Profile picture of Nima Mirzaei