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Örjan Smedby

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I received my medical degree (M.D.) from Uppsala University in 1983 and my doctorate (Dr.Med.Sci.) from the same university in 1992. The title of the doctoral dissertation was Angiographic Methods for the Study of Fluid Mechanical Factors in Atherogenesis. I have arund 30 years’ experience as a clinical radiologist and was appointed in 1999 as professor Medical Radiology at the Faculty of Medicine, Linköping University. Much of my research has been in the field of Medical image processing and visualization. I was one of the founders of the Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV) in Linköping. Since Jan. 2015 I am Professor in Medical Image processing and Visualization at the School of Technology and Health (STH) of KTH. I am also a consultant in Radiology at Karolinska university hospital and affiliated to KI (Clintec).


3D Image Reconstruction and Analysis in Medicine (HL2027), teacher | Course web

Deep Learning Methods for Medical Image Analysis: a hands-on course (CM2003), examiner | Course web

Medical Image Visualization (CM2006), teacher | Course web

Medical Imaging Systems (HL1013), teacher | Course web

Statistics for Medical Engineering (CM2018), examiner, course responsible | Course web

Technology and Health (FCH3101), teacher | Course web