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Panagiotis Pantzos

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About me

I, Panagiotis, am a doctoral student in Learning in Engineering Education at KTH. I hold a 4 years’ degree of Mechanical Engineering Educator, School of Pedagogical and Technological Education. I am a qualified teacher in “Teknik”/Technology according to UHR in Sweden. Furthermore, I hold a Master of Education degree in Educational Sciences – Education by the use of New Technologies (ICT), Department of Primary Education at University of the Aegean. Finally, I have a Master of Science degree in International and Comparative Education, Stockholm University.

My doctoral study seeks to develop an understanding of students’ perceptions on the effect of societal involvement in their engineering education. The overall aim is to gain a deep understanding on students' motivation in engineering education. Additionally, the purpose of this study is to investigate the factors which influence how engineering students are motivated and the extent, if any, to which motivation can be nurtured by industry-related interventions and activities . The research, also, focuses on the impact of different societal interventions for students with different gender and etnic backgrounds and investigates similarities and differences in a comparative study.


Basic Communication and Teaching (FLH3000), assistant, teacher | Course web

Profile picture of Panagiotis Pantzos