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Susanna Pehrson

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About me

I'm Head of the Strategic Initiative unit (STRIV) within the department Research Support Office.

Strategic initiatives' responsibilities include research centers, KTH's research platforms, strategic research areas (SRAs), research infrastructures, education för leaders of strategic initiatives and project management within the framework of EIT KICs.

Research Centers: operational support to the Vice-Rector for research regarding the development of research centers, both initiated by KTH/partners and based on funding bodies' calls. Handles questions related to research centers such as the board, participating parties, change of directors etc.

Research infrastructures: operational support to the Deputy President in KTH's development work regarding KTH's research infrastructures. Questions related to established KTH Research Infrastructures and interim KTH Research Infrastructures, internal calls and follow-up. Cohesive at KTH for all stages of the Swedish Research Counsil's prioritization process for research infrastructure (needs inventory, call for proposals, applications granted). Represents KTH in collaborations regionally, nationally, internationally in the research infrastructure area.

KTH research platforms: Serves as support to the Vice-Rector for research related to coordination of KTH:s six research platforms (Energy, Industrial transformation, Digitalisation, Transport, Life Science Technology, Materials).