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I am professor in Material Mechanics since 1992. The present research is focused on mechanical degradation mechanisms in lithium-ion batteries as well as strain gradient plasticity theories for small structural length scales.

The research on lithium-ion batteries was initiated 2018 after my period as president of KTH (2007-2016). It is conducted with the PhD-students Bugra Ucel, Priyank Gupta, Axel Lundkvist and Vinit Nagda in collaboration with professors Per-Lennart Larsson, Artem Kulachenko, Göran Lindbergh and docent Erik Olsson.

Strain gradient plasticity has been a research area at the department since more than 15 years. I am now collaborating with professor Jonas Faleskog and Dr. Carl Dahlberg on further developments, primarily focused on the coupling between dislocation mechanisms and strain gradient plasticity theory.

In 2020 Solid Mechanics and Materials Science and Engineering at KTH established the center “Mechanics and Materials Design” (MMD) together with participating industries. I took active part in the initiation of the center and I am currently a member of the board.

I enjoy teaching. In spring 2023, I will teach the basic course "Strength of Materials and Solid Mechanics, Basic Course with Energy Methods ", 9 credits for BSc students following the Engineering Physics (F) program. I continuously supervise MSc- and BSc- thesis projects.

Apart from teaching and own research I am chairman of the board for “Wallenberg Wood Science Center”, a center at KTH funded by Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation with KTH, Chalmers and Linköping University as partners. I am also member of the board in Akademiska Hus AB, the main provider of properties for Swedish universities.

I have a MSc degree in Engineering Physics (1979) and a PhD degree in Solid Mechanics (1982), both from KTH. Before my positions as Professor (1992-), Head of department (1993-2005), Vice-Dean of faculty (2007) and President (2007-2016) at KTH, I have more than twelve years of experience from business as research engineer (Brown Boveri Research Centre, Switzerland), consultant (Tre Konsulter AB, Vaxholm) and CEO (SICOMP - Swedish Institute of Composites, Piteå).


Examensarbete inom hållfasthetslära, avancerad nivå (SE202X), examinator | Kurswebb

FEM för ingenjörstillämpningar (SE1025), kursansvarig, lärare | Kurswebb

Hållfasthetslära, grundkurs med energimetoder (SE1055), examinator, kursansvarig, lärare | Kurswebb

Materialmekanik (SE2126), kursansvarig | Kurswebb