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Rafael Eduardo Guedez Mata

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About me

I am a researcher at the Heat and Power Division of the Energy Department. My research focuses on the development of techno-economic performance models for optimizing the design and operation of energy conversion and storage technologies, systems and power plants. Such work aims at assisting decision making for technology manufacturers, investors, project developers and operators, and policy-makers. I am a hard-working engineer with a strong motivation for R&D, innovation and entrepreneurship. In particular, I am thrilled by solar energy, thermal power generation and energy storage systems. Overall, my interests and work as a researcher are highly motivated by my personal desire of contributing to the development of a more sustainable society.


I am a mechanical engineer with proven experience in R&D, project management, finance, and business development in the energy sector. My doctoral studies (from KTH) focused in the techno-financial analysis and optimization of solar power plants with storage. I have also completed a 2-year executive program in Management and Leadership at MIT Sloan. Throughout my career, I have led and acted as strategic advisor to companies and projects related to solar power, energy storage, and thermal power engineering.

Besides my work at KTH, I am also a director and co-founder of Europe Power Solutions, a consulting firm in the area of power plant performance modeling. I am currently an advisor to Naventus Corporate Finance, Kyoto Group and Odqa Renewable Energy Technologies. My previous working experience include being an advisor and Senior Performance Analyst at SolarReserve, an advisor to Azelio, an R&D Engineer (visiting) at the Solar Energy division at Total, and an R&D Engineer (visiting) at the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy.

Research and work at KTH

Currently, I am the Principal Investigator (PI) of several R&D projects funded by industry, the European Commission, and the Swedish Energy Agency:

  • Project Coordinator of the EU-funded projects SOLARSCO2OL and SHARP-sCO2, both concerning advancing the state of the art of hybrid solar power plants, CSP and supercritical CO2 technologies.
  • KTH's PI for the EU-funded project HybridPLUS, which deals with hybrid solar power plants via innovative PCM based thermal energy storage systems with embedded electric heaters. 
  • KTH's PI for the EU-funded project Flexnconfu, which deals with innovative power-to-ammonia and power-to-hydrogen systems to enhance performance of comboned cycles with renewable energy.
  • Project manager and PI for the RIHOND project funded by Kyoto Group, which focuses in new power-to-heat and thermal energy storage systems for decabornization of the industrial sector.
  • Project manager and PI for the LCA-SESS project funded by Northvolt and the Swedish Energy Agency, which focuses in developing new methods for assessing the environmental impact of stationary battery systems.
  • Co-PI of the project PV-ESS led by my colleague Monika Topel (PI), which investigates optimum implementation (design and operation) of turnkey PV+battery systems integrated in the building environment, funded by the Swedish Energy Agency, Einar Mattson and Northvolt. 

Through these projects I have had the opportuntiy to lead and supervise a group of enthusiastic PhD candidates, thanks to whom I have also received the PhD Supervisor of the Year award for 2021. Additionally, I have supervised more than 60 MSc. Thesis and I serve as the deputy Director of the Sustainable Energy Engineerin MSc Program, the largest at the Energy Department.

I am actively involved in teaching as course responsible for MJ2500 and MJ2507 as well as regular lecturer in other courses such as MJ2511, CK2010, MJ2409, MJ2436, MJ2411 and MJ2386 among others. 

My foremost motivation in academia are my students. Throughout the years I have come to realize how gratifying it is to contribute to the formation and growth of students and colleagues with whom I share similar interests, and from whom I keep learning and enhancing my own skills on a continuous basis. 


AI applications in Sustainable Energy Engineering (MJ2507), teacher | Course web

Carbon dioxide neutral energy and transport system (CK2010), teacher | Course web

Decentralized Smart Energy Systems in a Global Energy System (MJ2436), teacher | Course web

Energy Storage Technology (MJ2386), teacher | Course web

Large Scale Solar Power (MJ2500), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Renewable Energy Technology (MJ2411), teacher | Course web

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