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Monika Rolinska

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Doctoral student



About me

I am a doctoral student within the Swedish graduate school on neutron scattering (SwedNess) since April 2021. My project is aimed at mapping nucleation in metallic materials through in-situ neutron and x-ray scattering. The experimental data will then be integrated into an updated model for nucleation.

Phase transformations are key within materials design, and nucleation is a central part of phase transformations. The classical nucleation theory has some limitations but,  with the development of experimental and theoretical methods over the last decades, it is now possible to gather more data. This data could, together with ab-initio calculations, be included in the modelling of nucleation within both mean-field and CALPHAD.

I am a TA in the courseMH1030 Materials design I, and a part of theEquality group at MSE.


Master of Science in Engineering, KTH
BSc thesis:" Embedding Carbon Fibers in a Steel Matrix Through Additive Manufacturing" in collaboration with Swerim AB
MSc Engineering Materials Science, Industrial Materials track, MSc thesis:"Extraction Replicas of Common Engineering Alloys for Analysis of Small Precipitates" in collaboration with Swerim AB.