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Ronith Stanly

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Broadly interested in High Performance Computing, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Rotor Aero-acoustics and Turbulence. I like to develop / implement efficient, high-fidelity numerical methods to study industrially relevant problems in fluid dynamics and related multi-physics on modern supercomputing architectures.

Specifically working towards the following projects funded by EU Exellerat Project  and SeRC Exascale Simulation Software Initiative – SESSI :

(1) High-fidelity CFD simulation of helicopter/UAV rotors and their aeroacoustics as part of the EU Exellerat Project

(2) Setting up and running the turbulent flow past the NASA/Boeing Speedbump on the World's 3rd fastest supercomputer LUMI
Doctoral research is supervised by Dr. Timofey Mukha, Dr. Ardeshir HanifiProf. Stefano Markidis and Prof. Philipp Schlatter .

When I am not working with CFD, I practice horse-back riding and compete in Dressage. Equestrianism combines two of the other fields that I have always been interested in: animals and psychology.

Sample image of lambda-2 criteria of streamwise velocity showing the flow structures over the Boeing Hump


Engineering Mechanics (SG1117), assistant | Course web

Particle Dynamics with project (SG1115), assistant | Course web

Solid Mechanics, Basic Course with Project (SE1010), assistant | Course web

Vehicle Aerodynamics (SG2211), assistant | Course web

Profile picture of Ronith Stanly