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Publications by Sara Brolund Fernandes De Carvalho



M. Schalk and S. Brolund de Carvalho, "Rituals of Care : Reimagining Welfare," in NORDES Nordic Design Research : Who Cares?, 2019, pp. 1-5.
S. Brolund de Carvalho, M. Schalk and H. Mattsson, "The group BiG (Bo i Gemenskap) : Living and working in community," in AHRA conference 'Collective Life', 2019.

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M. Schalk, S. Brolund de Carvalho and H. Mattsson, "BiG : Living and working together," in Architecture and Collective Life, Penny Lewis, Lorens Holm, Sandra Costa Santos Ed., London : Routledge, 2022, pp. 195-204.
M. Schalk, "The Changing Ways of Being in Common : From Collective to Common Spaces in Welfare Housing," in Critical Care : Architecture and Urbanism for a Broken Planet, Angelika Fitz, Elke Krasny Ed., 1st ed. Vienna, Cambridge MA : Architekturzentrum Wien, The MIT Press, 2019, pp. 131-137.

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M. Schalk, S. Brolund de Carvalho and H. Mattsson, "The Welfare State as Common : Comparing ‘the common’ in Swedish and Viennese housing models," in Changing Welfare Workshop : Nordic Models of Architecture and Welfare, 2019.

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M. Schalk et al., "From Collective to Common Rooms | Von kollektiven zu gemeinschaftlichen Räumen : The Swedish and Viennese Models | Das Schwedische und das Wiener Modell," in Caring for Communities | Für Gemeinschaften sorgen, Meike Schalk, Sara Brolund de Carvalho, Beatrice Stude Ed., 1st ed. Stockholm : Action Archive Publishing, 2019, pp. 11-31.

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"Caring for Communities," 1st ed. Stockholm, Action Archive Publishing, 2019.


H. Mattsson, "Aktion Arkiv at Tensta," , 2014.
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