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Jochen Schwenk

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Tomtebodavägen 23 A


About me

Short CV

Studying Biochemistry at the University of Tuebingen, Germany, I received my PhD in 2005 for my work with Dr. Thomas Joos (NMI) and then joined KTH and Prof. Mathias Uhlén for my postdoctoral work. During 2011, I became a Docent and 2016 Lektor at KTH. Today, I am Professor at KTH where I supervise PhD students and teach proteomics. My research is primarily driven by developing and using affinity proteomic assays to study proteins in human body fluids in order to find and validate biomarker for diseases.

About my research

  • Develop and advance high-throughput and multiplexed immunoassays.
  • Apply affinity proteomics to body fluids from biobanks.
  • Discover and validate protein biomarker candidates.
  • Interest in cancer, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.


Proteomics (CB2080), examiner, course responsible | Course web