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Sara Leoni

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I work mostly with employment matters, recruitment and personnel administration for Glycoscience, Protein science, Protein Engineering, Sekretomet, Industrial Biotecnology and Theoretical Chemistry and Biology.

I am also the contact person at CBH if you have experienced that you have been discriminated against, harassed, sexually harassed or subjected to victimisation.

I am the coordinator for the JML group at CBH. JML stands for equality, diversity and equal treatment. 

The HR unit is working to support school managers in organizational issues such as recruitment, employment and termination of employment, as well as the gender equality and diversity, equality, work environment, and environmental issues.
The unit also support managers and employees in matters such as salary details, absence reporting, hourly employment, scholarships, insurance and pension issues. We work both within the CBH school and externally with other parts of KTH.

Profile picture of Sara Leoni