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Stefan Johansson

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Om mig

I have a PhD in Human Computer Interaction and is affilited faculty to the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Department of Media Technology and Interaction Design. I am also the CEO of Begripsam AB, where I work as an accessibility consultant.

Ongoing research

Co-Design of Accessibility, CoDeAc is a research programme with two ongoing projects.CoDeAC: E-health, funded by Forte with 4.5 miljon SEK andCoDeAc: Covid, funded by Forte with another 4.5 miljon SEK. This work is led by Catharina Gustavsson at the Centre for Clinical Research Dalarna and is a collaboration with a large number of collaborating organisations and insititutions.

Hinder och möjligheter för intellektuellt funktionsnedsattas politiska deltagande: lärdomar från ett världsledande initiativ. Funded by VR with 4.9 miljon SEK. The work is led by Jonas Hultin Rosenberg at Uppsala University.

My research areas

Participation, Impairment, Disability, Digital Divides, Design and Accessibility. Check out my thesisDesign for Participation and Inclusion will Follow: Disabled People and the Digital Society. Take a look at our research onhow people with impairments use the internet and compare it with the whole population.  A focus for my research is participatory methods, some presented in my licentiate thesis. I am a member of the action research communityBegripsam. We want to change the society by more inclusive and universal design.

I am also working withhomeless people, exploring how they can benefit from using smart technology. The homeless people are ready to use smart technology as means to be more included in society - social services are not. This work started in Stockholm and has now moved to Örebro and a collaboration with Örebro Stadsmission.

Other ongoing work

Take a look at DigiJag, a lifeliong learning platform for people with moderate intellectual disability.


Människocentrerad teknik för funktionshinder (DM2624), lärare | Kurswebb