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Sushen Joshi

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About me

I am a third-year PhD student working with Lorenz Roth and Nickolay Ivchenko. My PhD project involves study of the upper atmosphere and aurora of planet Uranus using the Hubble Space Telescope data and computer modeling. Currently, my research interests include understanding planetary atmospheres and magnetospheres / plasma environments using telescope/spacecraft data analysis and radiative transfer modeling.

Before coming to KTH, I did my master's in Aerospace Engineering specializing in space exploration at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), The Netherlands. For my master's thesis, I studied the polarimetric signals that can be observed from moons/planets having an extended atmosphere, e.g., Saturn's moon Titan and Hot Jupiter type exoplanets. For this project, I developed, from scratch, a 3D radiative transfer code based on the Monte Carlo method, that fully takes into account the spherical shape of a planetary atmosphere, multiple scattering, and the polarized nature of light. I did my bachelor's in Computer Science and Engineering and worked for four years in software industry in India before starting my master's studies.

I have worked for / am interested in outreach of astronomy and space technology. In my free time, I enjoy playing various sports, biking, hiking, traveling, or reading.