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Ulrika Georgsson

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Communications Officer


Lindstedtsvägen 30

About me

My responsibility

I am a Communications Officer at the KTH School of Industrial Engineering and Management (ITM) with responsibility for the various digital channels of the school. External and internal websites, newsletters and social media are my playfields and I coordinate the web editors' work in the school's institutions and centres.

My skills

I have worked a lot with digital accessibility and held courses so that all editors and employees have the knowledge to publish on the web.

I shoot and edit videos from time to time. On KTH Play you can find some of the videos I have made.

I have been working with web analysis for about 10 years and I am driven to get the numbers to develop in the right direction and to try to understand how we can adjust the web, social media, and newsletters for the benefit of visitors.

Concept and development of websites is something I work with daily. If you need help structuring a page for your research project or your work area – please contact me, we will exchange ideas and I can build the structure.