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Agnes Stenbom – Responsibility, decision-making and ethics regarding AI and Big Data in the Nordic media industries

Agnes Stenbom works as Responsible Data & AI Specialist at Schibsted. KTH and Schibsted have paired up in a research collaboration in responsible AI, and Agnes Stenbom is conducting research.

The purpose of the thesis is to investigate the ongoing AI- and data-related changes within the Nordic media industry, and offer insight into where the industry faces opportunities and challenges. The thesis aims to contribute with nuance to the domain of AI in media and provide a high level evaluation of how AI might be employed responsibly within the industry in the future. More specifically, the thesis’ studies will seek to further unmask the ‘technological drama’ of AI in media through exploring various socio-technical relationships between management practices (e.g. goals and communication practices) and technological opportunities (e.g. tooling kits and algorithms). 

Planned defence in 2026.

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Current Project Collaboration Partners
Johan Gärdebo (NordAI)
Kasper Hedegård Schiølin (NordAI)
Matti Kaulio (co-supervising of PhD-students)
Amy Loutfi (Örebro University, Expert Learning Lab)
Fredrik Heinz (Linköping University, Expert Learning Lab)
Jan Gulliksen (KTH, Expert Learning Lab)
Ulrika Lundqivst (Chalmers, Expert Learning Lab)

Alumni (staff or project partners)
Kajsa Hallberg Adu (now Uppsala university, Fordonsdalen REACT Competence, SDA, IncluSTEM)
Elina Gobena (KTH)
Henrik Friman (Fordonsdalen REACT Competence)
Johan Ravnborg (Fordonsdalen REACT Competence)
Kai Böhrnsen (Fordonsdalen REACT Competence)
David Güere (Fordonsdalen REACT Competence)
Kwabena Asante Poku (Fordonsdalen REACT Competence)
Marcus Linnusaar (Fordonsdalen REACT Competence)
David Yu (Fordonsdalen REACT Competence)
Lea Schomaker (now Ramboll)
Magnus Burman (Fordonsdalen REACT Competence, Fordonsdalen forskarskola)
Eduardo Alvarez Nowak (now Novare Potential AB)
Sissi Rizko (now Digital Futures, KTH)
Abdul Aziz Alkathiri (SDA)
André Nilsson (SDA)
Björn Aurell Hansson (SDA)
David Yu (SDA)
Emma Samuelsson (SDA)
Felix Luthman (SDA)
Filip Tran (SDA)
Károly Tóth (SDA)
Keivan Matinzadeh (SDA)
Madeleine Mjöberg (SDA)
Marwa Saado Kharouki (SDA)
Nour Alhuda Almajni (SDA)
Patrick de Sousa (SDA)
Simon Olow (SDA)
Rami Marrikie (SDA)
Rasmus Olsson (SDA)
Uddalak Bhaduri (SDA)
Waled Rached (SDA)
Roberto Guanciale  (SDA)
Leif Lindbäck (SDA)
Konrad Tollmar (SDA)
Firdose Saeik (SDA)
Erika Hultman (SDA)
Ayham Alkazaz (SDA)
Richard Glassey (SDA)
Philipp Haller (SDA)
Dena Hussain (SDA)



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