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Yuxin Liu

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Hi, I'm a Ph.D. student at KTH, supervised by Prof. Cristian Bogdan, Prof. Benoit Baudry and Prof. Martin Monperrus. My research revolves around software engineering and software analysis. Particularly, I'm exploring software debloating, with a emphasis on server-side JavaScript.

The process of debloating software includes two primary phases: bloat detection and subsequent bloat removal. The identification of bloat can be achieved through static analysis or dynamic analysis methodologies. The elimination of bloat may involve the transformation of source code within a specific file or, if deemed unnecessary, the outright removal of the entire file. Beyond the immediate benefits, such as enhanced system performance and reduced code size, software debloating can contribute to decreased maintenance costs and security risks.

Software debloating can be language-specific. I'm currently focusing on JavaScript, where I am actively engaged in refining dynamic code bloat detection and exploring its impacts for bloat removal. I invite you to reach out, and we can explore the fascinating details of the entire software debloating process.


Profile picture of Yuxin Liu