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Swedish Aerospace Physiology Centre

The SAPC was established early 2013. The overall aims of the SAPC are to conduct and support research, development and teaching that may act to improve medical safety during manned space flights.

Research and Development

Photo: ESA

SAPC research predominantly concerns different aspects of physiology but also development of technology. The research projects are commonly conducted as national or international collaborations.

The Karolinska Institute, which is represented on the SAPC board, is an important national collaborative partner that carries out SAPC-related activities. On the international arena, SAPC has close collaboration with Institute Jozef Stefan, Ljubljana.

Apart from performing independent research and development, the SAPC strives to establish networks and collaborations between industry and governmental agencie and authorities as well as with other centres and universities engaged in different aspects of manned space flight.


SAPC is situated at KTH in Solna (Berzelius väg 13), where the centre shares personnel and laboratory facilities with the KTH-CBH-MTH Environmental Physiology . In particular, the centrifuge and pressure chambers are important for experiments performed in humans.

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