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Real Estate Market Analysis and Development

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Welcome to the course 2023

Market analysis and development is an applied course in market analysis  from an international perspective. The overall aim is to give you knowledge and skills in market analysis for housing, office and retail projects in the early phase of a real estate project. 

Intended learning outcomes (ILOs)

  • Define and explain basic concepts and terms used for market analysis.
  • Being able to determine if a site, buildings and amenities intended for a real estate development project meets physical, regulatory requirements according to real estate theory.
  • Discuss theories and models for urban growth and show they are relevant to real estate market analysis.
  • Being able to define, evaluate and apply theory and models for supply and demand analysis.

We collaborate with one of the leading Swedish developers. Your assignment will be to provide a second opinion on a project starting up in the development. To accomplish this task you will be given lectures and project labs. The handing in of the report and a written exam will end the course.

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