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Degree Project in Architectural Design and Construction Project Management, Second Cycle

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The master thesis project is the final work in the master program. It is a great possibility to explore a limited area within construction project management a bit deeper.

  • Examples of areas to explore further: knowledge sharing, procurement strategies, project roles, project models, managing innovation, collaborative leadership, partnering etc. etc.   
  • The master thesis is also great possibility for the student to combine empirics and theory.
  • We recommend that you work two-and-two
  • The next master thesis course begins in January 2023 (start of period 3) and ends in June 2023 (end of period 4).
  • The course includes seminars (webinars) and a final seminar at campus at the end of May/early June.
  • All students will be provided a supervisor, which will selected by the course responsible. 
  • To be accepted to the master thesis course, the student must have been trained in the specialization in construction project management (eg. you must have at least 30 hp in construction project management). 
  • One of the learning outcomes of the course is to be able to formulate a research question. This is why we as teachers and supervisors do not provide you a ready-made problem or question. Instead, we support you in developing a research question during the course. 

For the spring 2023 the following persons will work with this course: Tina Karrbom Gustavsson (course responsible), Malena Havenvid, Anna Kadefors and Daniella Troje.  

All questions, please contact tina.karrbom@abe.kth.se