Sustainable Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Practice

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Welcome to DM2720 Sustainable ICT in Practice

Students who have taken this course, should be prepared to work with sustainability in the ICT and media sector.

The aim of the course is to look at the methods and tools used today in industry, and what kind of methods and tools a sustainable ICT/Media engineer should know of, and be able to apply.

Learning Outcomes

After the course, the students should be able to:

  • orientate oneself among concrete analytical tools and theories that the industry and other organisations request of the sustainable ICT/Media engineer,
  • have general understanding of how one can apply chosen tools in the industry and other organisations,
  • describe how ICT organisations work with sustainability-related questions today,
  • critically value/evaluate projects in terms of ecological, social and economic sustainability,
  • be able to relate the practical knowledge to the research area within ICT and sustainability.


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