Oral presentation

The objective of the oral presentation is firstly to ensure that the students are able to present their own work clearly and efficiently with tight time limits and secondly to let every student learn about the projects of their fellows.

You will present your work at the final project seminar.

Your presentation should be 15 minutes in English (10 minutes presentation + 5 minutes for questions). Since many groups are presenting, it is important to keep to the time limit. You should explain to the audience what you did and why, what the results were and what might be learned from them.

There will be a computer with a projector, and sound system for the presentations. If you need additional devices you should notify the teachers in advance.

Some advice for the presentation:

  • Rehearse your presentation beforehand and check the time.

  • Make sure you arrive in good time to see to that any files you need work on the computer etc.

  • Check that any extra material that you need for the demonstration works as well.

  • It is usually better to save e.g. movie files on the hard disc than reading them directly from a CD or USB.

  • A live demo is always appreciated, but have a video illustration as a backup in case of demo malfunction.

In order to pass, the presentation should:

  • Keep the time limit.

  • Be easily accessible for all students, without prior knowledge about the project.

  • Make use of adequate illustration material (audio, video examples, pictures) to present the content.

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