Instructions for the project

  • Do the project alone or find one partner to do the project with.

  • Select a subject that interests you and that is suitable for two weeks' work. Your idea can be an extension of the lab exercises, a replication of an experiment reported in the literature, or something completely different. What is important is that you combine theory and technology and that it is feasible within the time limits. 

  • Select one of the teachers whose area of expertise is closest to the project topic. Discuss your ideas with the teacher. The teacher will give you advice on what types of investigations or tests that are suitable and what equipment that will be available at the department. If you need some extra material or devices it is important that you discuss this together with the teacher.

  • Discuss your project draft, Assignment 2, at the Project workshops and submit it on the course web pages. 

  • You may use your own equipment or our lab facilities. You can come here and use our equipment and get help for one day. Be sure to let us know if you need any assistance so it can be arranged when it suits every one.

  • Prepare a short (about 3 minutes) video demo of your project to illustrate your application/evaluation. The video will be used when you present your project at the "Final project presentation". The video should be uploaded and a link sent to the course administration at 12:00 the day before.

  • Present the project at the Final project presentation.

  • Submit your final project report, Assignment 4, here on the course web pages.

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