The objective of the project is to allow the students to show that they are able to use the theory in practice for an individually chosen task.

The topic of the projects may be selected freely by the students, after consulting with the teachers, or from the list of suggested projects.

The projects should combine theory and technology. It may be an extension of one of the laboratory exercises or something completely different.

You will work in groups of 2 and will be able to use the lab facilities if you need some special equipment.

It is highly recommended that you start planning for the project and discussing with your project team and supervising teacher early in the course. A specification of your project should be submitted as Assignment 2. You should begin your preparations as early as possible, in order to allow you to find a suitable project topic in time.

At the project workshop, you should briefly present your project proposal and your project team. We will discuss the proposals together and you will then refine your plan as a group. 

Some projects from previous editions of the course


Beatbox Voice Sketching


Kinect Pd Instrument

Sound Feedback for Balance


Gigote - Drums with smartphones

Memory game with Kinect

Music rendering through facial interaction



Audification of Biological Signals


Ljudsbee - sound collector.
Sonification of colours captured with a smart phone.
Shake Listen Know

Feedback News