Grading criteria for the project report

  • The abstract: Does it in a concise manner describe the most important aspects of the project: what, why, how, results?

  • The background description of the research area and previous work: Does it clearly describe the state-of-the art? And why the project topic is of general interest?

  • The quality of the 5 scientific citations. We request scientific citations, since this will "force" you to read about earlier work, which will ensure that you are aware of the state-of-the-art, the background and theory, and will hence be able to reason on a higher level in your report.

  • The technical/scientific level of the work performed : How complex was the task you did? How well did you solve the task? How innovative was the work that you performed, compared to ready-made components that you could include? How research-oriented was your work?

  • The link to the theory: Have you related what you did to the theory of Sound in Interaction, in terms of abilities and limitations?

  • The presentation of the work in the report: How clear is it what you have done in the project? How readable is the report? Does it adhere to good practice in technical/scientific reporting?

  • The evaluation of the work performed: To what extent has the project been evaluated? Is the evaluation sound and adheres to evaluation standards? Are the evaluation results properly commented and discussed in the report? [Note, depending on the project topic, evaluation may not be relevant for the project. However, reflection is for all projects, c.f. next point]

  • The reflection and discussion of future work: How aware were you of the strengths and weaknesses of the work performed? How could the work be continued or improved? How could weaknesses be solved? How does your project relate and compare with other similar studies carried out before?

  • Supervision intake: Did you follow the advice and directions given to you by your supervisor, in case (s)he judged that changes to your ideas were required? Have you improved the project and/or the report following discussions with the supervisor?

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