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Page Can read Last changed
Information /outline for the Artificial Intelligence CourseStudents2020-09-21
Artificiell intelligens och tillämpningar (Swe)Everyone2016-06-20
Kursdata & kursanalysAdministrators2016-09-12
What is Artificial Intelligence? Seminar and Task 1Students2016-11-03
AI techniques, Search strategies, Scheduling and PlanningStudents2016-10-31
Lab 1 Bots, Build a chatbot / avatarStudents2018-11-02
Kurs-PM (historik)Administrators2016-09-12
Decision-support, Reasoning Strategies, and Heuristics, Seminar and Task 2Students2016-11-08
Lab 2, Build a plannerStudents2018-11-07
Knowledge-based systems /Expert systems, Knowledge Representations, Seminar and Task 3Students2016-11-14
Lab 3, Build a Knowledge based system / Expert systemStudents2017-11-21
Multi-agent systems, and Agents, Seminar and Task 4Students2016-11-21
Lab 4, Agents, Build an agent systemsStudents2018-11-23
Machine Learning, Seminar and Task 5Students2016-10-03
Lab 5, Build a learning toolStudents2016-12-02
Neural networks, Seminar and Task 6Students2019-01-24
Lab 6, Build and train a neural networkStudents2018-11-26
Natural Language Processing, parsing and generation, Seminar and Task 7Students2016-10-03
Lab 7, Natural Language ProcessingStudents2016-12-14
Main Project, Seminar and Task 8Students2018-10-29
Main Project, Information about / Content of Main taskStudents2016-12-06
Miscellaneous AI-topics: Cognitive computation, Predictive programming etc, Lecture 9Students2017-01-10
LAB 9 - Try the AIC-system - a system with sensesEveryone2018-12-11
Course Literature & Lecture materialStudents2017-01-10
Betygskriterier, under konstruktionAdministrators2016-09-12

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Page Can read Last changed
Artificial Intelligence and Applied MethodsLogged in users2020-09-21
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