Sources for Further Information

Sources for Further Information

Most GSM standards can be accessed from ETSI

Two papers about MANETs:

Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte's podcasts about WiFi security

Mobilepipeline mobile related on-line news

For further information related to communications (especially conferences, publications, ...) contact one of the professional societies, such as the IEEE Communications Society, vendors, or use the WWW! [For access to the electronics library see KTHB e-library.]

Handsets poised to be commodities: "Microsoft, Intel Aim for High-End Phone", Wall Street Journal Europe, Tuesday, 19 Feb. 2002, page 1 and pg. A6, features an article, which describes how they are attempting to provide a platform for high-end phones so that they will be commodities just like PCs. The figure on A6 shows the basic components of a handset and lists the prices for the components and for licensing the design "framework":

color screen 17 euro
printed circuit board 9 euro
flash memory 2 euro
radio chip and related electronics 40 euro
baseband chip 34 euro
battery 29 euro
license for reference design for phone 7.50 euro
license of user interface software 3.40 euro
license for operating system software 5.70 euro

An footnote indicates that the last three items could be developed in house, but typically cost 15 euros from outside suppliers.

IEEE 802.15 Working group:
802.15.3 high performance requirements (upto 55Mbps)
802.15.4 low bandwidth (~250kbps), extra-low power MAC and physical devices

Working group IEEE P802.20, Mobile Broadband Wireless Access Systems

Near Field Communication Forum

For those looking at power measurements, as useful reference is Joe Bardwell, Converting Signal Strength Percentage to dBm Values, Executive Summary, WildPackets, November 2002.

For information about the structure of the SIM file system see chapter 8: Pocket PC Phone Edition, in Steve Makofsky, "Pocket PC Network Programming", Addison-Wesley, 2004, ISBN 0-321-13352-8.

Georg Eidenschink, Elatic, Smart Card solutions for everyone, Elatec Vertriebs GmbH - a very nice introduction to smart cards and there use as SIM and USIM cards

Cisco has just made the source code for a number of GSM signalling protocols publically available - see their GSM Source Module Library (GSML)

A excellent introduction to why heterogeneous networks are going to be increasingly popular is contained in the dissertation of Klas Johansson, " Cost Effective Deployment Strategies for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks", December 2007

Dongwoo Kim, "Overview of WiBro and Its Evolution", slides from his talk at Wirless@KTH on November 30, 2007. An excellent introduction - with lots of details and performance data.

Mehmet Unsoy, "Perspectives on IP-based services: Road to Web 2.0, VoIP 2.0 & Mobile Web 2.0", 17 November 2006

H. Stewart Cobb, Gpspseudolites:Theory,Design, and Applications, Doctoral Dissertation, Stanford University, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, SUDAR707, September 1997

Breaking of GSM encryption using open source and open hardware: Karsten Nohl and Chris Paget, GSM - SRSLY?, 26th Chaos Communication Congress, 27 December 2009. See also the related A5/1 Cracking Project.

Ata Elahi and Adam Gschwender, Zigbee Wireless Sensor and Control Network, Prentice Hall, 1 edition (November 8, 2009), copyright year 2010, 288 pages ISBN-10: 0137134851 and ISBN-13: 978-0137134854.

A collection of URLs to a number of white papers about LTE can be found at's 3GPP LTE/SAE (Long Term Evolution / Service Architecture Evolution)

A paper concerning implementing IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11a, and 3GPP LTE Physical Uplink Shared Channel via multi-core add-in board is:
Kun Tan, Jiansong Zhang, Ji Fang, He Liu, Yusheng Ye, Shen Wang, Yongguang Zhang, Haitao Wu, Wei Wang, and Geoffrey M. Voelker, "Sora: High Performance Software Radio Using General Purpose Multi-core Processors", Communications of the ACM, Volume 54, Number 1, January 2009, pp. 99-107.

Brian J. Love, David J. Love, and James V. Krogmeier, "Like Deck Chairs on the Titanic: Why Spectrum Reallocation Won't Avert the Coming Data Crunch but Technology Might Keep the Wireless Industry Afloat", Commentaries, Law Review, Washington University in St. Louis, School of Law, Vol. 89:6, 2 March 2012.

Ruth Guerra, Carrier Wi-Fi: the next generation, Ericsson Review, 90th Anniversary, 2014, pp. 48-54.

Martin Fransman, The New ICT Ecosystem: Implications for Policy and Regulation, Cambridge University Press, March 2010, 276 pages, ISBN-10: 0521191319, ISBN-13: 978-0521191319 (a useful source to understand some of the policy and regulatory issues - it includes some discussion of the Telecom boom and bust)

Donald N. Sull with Yong Wang, Made In China: What Western Managers Can Learn from Trailblazing Chinese Entrepreneurs, Harvard Business Review Press, 9 June 2005, 231 pages, ISBN-13: 978-1591397151 ISBN-10: 1591397154 (see the discussion about PAS)

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