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Welcome to the Optical Physics continuation course (SK2301)

The course continues and deepens the study of geometrical optics, started in Optical Physics 2300. It consists of four tasks, to be solved using ray-tracing software. There are no scheduled events, so please get in touch with the course responsibles if you wish to follow it.

For HT2017 and HT2018, the course responsibles are Val Zwiller ( and Marijn Versteegh (


The software used is the free version of WinLens, which can be downloaded from the company homepage. This software performs both exact and paraxial ray-tracing through any optical system. The free version does not include optimization. A manual may be found on the company homepage. If you know Swedish, there is also a step-by-step intro to some basic WinLens features. This intro comes from a different optics course and is NOT part of this course, merely offered as extra help.

If you are already familiar with some other ray-tracing software, and wish to use that instead, please contact the course responsible.


For assistance if you get stuck, contact Marijn Versteegh. Depending on the question, you'll get help via e-mail or have a meeting time arranged.


Send your finished tasks (answers to questions as pdf-file, and WinLens files of the three systems 1, 3, and 4) to Marijn Versteegh.

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