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Postgraduate Students' Council Organisation

Postgraduate Students' Council OrganisationThe post graduate council do not have any formal rules and the way work is conducted are decided by all the PhD students at the school with gudance from riktlinjerna från doktorandsektionen.

The Postgraduate Students' Council consists of all postgraduate students. This includes not only officially registered PhD students (studerande antagna till forskarutbildning), but also students about to be accepted to PhD education and any "shadow PhD students".

The Postgraduate Students' Council elects a board, which consists of all PhD representatives in the different school bodies plus a chairman for the Postgraduate Students' Council and the Postgraduate Students' Council Board. The board consists of:

  • Chairman of the Phd council, representative in Executive board and Strategic council
  • Secretary of the Phd council, deputy representative in Executive board and Strategic council
  • 3 representatives in the Doctoral Program in Mediated Communication council, 2 from department of Media technology and interaction design and 1 from Music and Hearing.
  • 4 representatives in the Doctoral Program in Computer Science council from Computational Biology, Theoretical Computer Science, Computer vision and robotics and Speech, Music and Hearing
  • Representative in Doctoral Program in Computational Mathematics council
  • 1-3 representatives in the Working Environment Group

The chairman leads and coordinates the work of the board and the council. The Postgraduate Students' Council Board represents all postgraduate students at the School of Computer Science and Communication in the sense that all board members actively participate in the work of their respective school bodies. Also, the board meets regularly so that all members can be informed about what happens in other school bodies.

The Postgraduate Students' Council (i.e., all the postgraduate students at the School of Computer Science and Communication) meets once a year (in the winter). At this meeting, the Council elects postgraduate student representatives for the next year. The council should consist of representatives from all the departments at the school, that is from from Human-Machine Interaction, Media Technology, Speech, Music and Hearing Computational Biology, Theoretical Computer Science and Computer vision and robotics.

The chairman of the council is reponsibile for making sure that the yearly meeting are held. The meeting should be in december and conducted accordingly to doktorandsektionens formella krav (sorry the protocol only are available in Swedish for now)