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Time Compensation for PhD Representatives

The levels of time compensation for PhD representatives have been agreed on by the Dean Jan Gulliksen and the PhD Council based on the decision of the KTH Personnel Manager förlängning av anställning som doktorand/motsv vid studerandefackligt arbete samt för förtroendeuppd. [in Swedish]

Time Compensation Levels

  • President of the PhD Council payed 10 %
  • Secretary of the PhD Council payed 5 %
  • Time compensation for work in workplace council and doctoral program councils is given in the following way.
    • One hour for meeting preparation and the hours for the meeting are always given. Preparation includes reading up on the agenda, browsing meeting background material, preparing for discussions and determining if there is any question one wants to bring up.
    • Up to 5 hours of work done inbetween meetings can be reported, e.g. reviewing documents, email correspondence, preparing presentations or other related work,  are also compensated.
    • Time will be reported in a time sheet which states the type of work and the hours put towards the work. Here is an example (.xls). and a template of the time sheet.
  • Member of Employment Committee: See this document.

Forms of Time Compensation

Time can be registered as institutional service (institutionstjänstgöring) or towards prolongation of employment. The type of compensations and hours  has to be reported to the the CSC school economy administrative personal at the end of each year.